Acrobat 4, 2019


  • Oil on canvas
  • 40 cms square
  • Finished edges ready for hanging
  • Unique product
  • No. 4 of 4 paintings – can be purchased individually
  • Please contact me prior to purchasing to request a shipping quotation


The inspiration for this acrobat painting came from my love of portraying people in motion. I admire acrobats for their agility, skills, and coordination, and find them very entertaining both when performing in a circus tent or theatrical show.

This is the fourth and final picture in my collection of acrobat paintings and features a female acrobat demonstrating her gymnastic skills while dangling from an elevated position using a silk sash.

Similar to my other 3 paintings, the acrobat is set on a dark background so she becomes the focal feature and totally captivating. Fluid lines are used to great effect to give a feeling of motion while the relatively soft neutral palette contrasts well against the vivid purple sash.

If to date you’ve always bought prints to hang on your walls, then here are some reasons to consider investing in unique artwork from an international and local Andalusian artist.

One of a kind – Imagine owning something that nobody else in the world has.

Tacticity – Oil paintings are extremely tactile and almost make you want to run your fingers over the surface of the canvas. You can’t do this with a mass-produced print on smooth paper.

Handmade – All of my paintings are handmade – When you buy an original painting you are buying into something that I may have spent days, weeks or even months painting and channelling my energy and emotions into.

Focal point – An original painting can act as a focal point in your room and makes for a great conversation piece.

Makes your house a home – When you purchase an original piece of artwork it’s because something has drawn you to it, and it’s this that helps to make your house a home.

Gives you pleasure – Purchasing an original oil painting will give you joy and happiness every time you look at it and will last for many years to come. Why not save up for the painting you simply love?

Collecting original paintings – Once you find an Andalusian artist whose work and style you adore, it’s great to build your own collection over the years.