Acrobat 1, 2019


  • Oil on canvas
  • 40 cms square
  • Edges finished ready for hanging
  • Unique oil painting
  • 1 of a collection of 4 that can be purchased individually
  • Please contact me prior to purchase for shipping cost


I was inspired to paint a collection of acrobat pictures because I love painting people, and people in motion even more. Circus acrobats fit naturally into this genre.

Painted on a muted, dark background,  the acrobat’s vivid blue costume and flowing blonde hair create a dramatic contrast that captures the eye. Suspended from high above, she crosses her legs to grip the rope as she leans back from her trapeze with her back arched, head flung back, and arms stretched out wide. You can almost sense how an audience would be holding their breath as they gaze upwards in awe willing her not to fall.

The use of light and shade highlights the acrobat’s body portraying elegance and athletic strength as she reclines high in the air, while pale streaks in her hair create a movement that brings the acrobat to life.

If you’ve been buying prints to hang on your walls, there are several reasons to consider buying from a local Andalusian artist such as myself.

One of a kind – It’s a good feeling to know that your painting is the only one out there.

Sense of touch – A print’s surface doesn’t compare to the touchable quality and texture of oil painted on canvas.

Handmade – All of my paintings are handmade – a quality that will bring personality and richness to your home, rather than a mass-produced print to simply fill a space.

Focal point – An original painting can act as a focal point in your room and is a great conversational piece too.

Makes your house a home – When you purchase an original piece of artwork you do it because you love it and it has a meaning to you. Placing it on your wall can give you a sense of comfort.

Refreshes your spirit – Looking at an original painting each day can make you feel happy and content. Why not save up for your favourite painting?

Collecting original paintings – Once you have purchased from a local Andalusian artist whose work you adore, you can start to build your own collection.