At Buddha’s Caves


Oil Painting on canvas

40 x 50cm


Again up in the mountains we visited Buddha’s caves, whether he actually lived there I don’t know, I guess nobody knows for sure. All I can tell you is that is was one of the most peaceful places I have ever been to. We walked up some steps and turned left and there was a small cave with a single mattress, a quilt and a table and a single chair. Outside was an old man tendering a small garden with his faithful dog. He looked at peace with his life, happy with his surroundings and totally relaxed. Around him were tall steep banks covered with old trees. In the distance we could hear monkeys chattering to each other and  the odd bird singing. We left, turned right and went up a few more steps. Imtiaz found a swing and still having the child in his soul had to have a go. When he finished we went up a few more steps and on a small plateau we found tables and chairs with a ramshackle building in the distance. We stopped for tea and as we sat I found myself watching this old man serving at the tables, his movements were gentle, measured and peaceful. Again there was a calmness about him, I watched as I talked to fellow guesses and as I did I had the sensation that my worries, past regrets were leaving me, I in some small way was finding the harmony that the residents had. I am pleased to say that these feelings have stayed with me and that I am doing all I can to keep it this way.