Sainte Chapelle 1, 2020


Ink on watercolour paper

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I found Sainte Chapelle purely by chance and what an incredible find it was. This Gothic masterpiece is amazing on the outside but wait until you get inside!! You enter via the crypt and you are treated to some absolutely beautiful wall paintings, but upstairs words fail me. In front of me was a family of four, the parents blindfolded their children an lead them up the narrow stairs to the main body of the church. I was intrigued and followed them. The children were lead to the centre of the church and blindfolds were taken off, their eyes (like mine) lite up, never in my life have a seen a sight so beautiful. A tall Gothic building totally covered from floor to ceiling in the most beautiful paintings divided by the most incredible stained glass windows, a feast for the eyes. Unbelievably beautiful. One day I attempt to paint the inside.