The Palmist, Muree 2022


Pastels on watercolour paper



Muree is a town up in the mountains about three hours drive away from Islamabad, in the days of the Raj it was where the Europeans used to go in the summer when it was too hot to stay in Rawalpindi. The views along the way where spellbinding, deep valleys, winding rivers and vast tree covered mountains, absolutely beautiful. The town must have changed a lot over  years, but the locals are still very proud of the old post office and church (still in use) and there is also a working convent and catholic boarding school there.

As Imtiaz and I were walking down the high street we saw this palmist, who asked me if I wanted my hand read, I asked how much? and his reply stunned me. ‘Are you English?’  ‘Yes’ ‘ Then there is no charged, you people did so much for our country, how can I expect you to pay’.

So here is one of the very few self portraits of me with the palmist.