Artist In Spain

Michael Henry Ferrell

Professional Artist in Andalucia

Mike is a prolific artist in Spain whose artwork shows his love of the world and enjoyment of travel.  An interest in different cultures and the way people interact in their environment, are what inspire him.

 In his own words, “If  I can use my art to bring love, happiness and the appreciation of life into the lives of people who see my work, then I have achieved my goal.

Welcome. Mike here ...

I use my art in Spain to capture moments, happiness and emotions

painting of a local market in Alcala La Real in Andalucia, Spain

These women were so engrossed in their shopping that they didn’t realise I was there 

Having set up her stall this stallholder seized the opportunity to grab a quick drink before the crowds descended, all anxious to get the best fish for their family’s dinner.

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