About me

Michael Ferrell - Artist in Andalucia

Mike Ferrell artist in Andalucia painting in his gallery

In 2017,  I decided to give up my day job and become an artist in Spain.

I had sought early retirement as a publicity officer working for a regional theatre in England.

My kids had grown up and gone to university, and for the first time, I found myself alone with no one to worry about but myself.

It was time to begin a new chapter in my life and start living the dream.

Nestled among the olive groves, Castillo de Locubin (a small village in Jaen, southern Spain) offered a better climate, stunning landscapes, and a more leisurely pace of life.  I was smitten from the start.

Since the move, my life has transformed. I am now receiving recognition both from exhibiting internationally and from being featured in various arts articles. 

Life as a local artist in Andalucia - How it all began

Becoming an artist happened almost by accident when many years ago, my now ex-wife presented me with a set of paintbrushes, oils, and canvases. Until that time, I was consumed by a passion for art and spent all of my free time visiting art galleries and exhibitions. 

I have been painting since the age of 22, and it fills me with joy and happiness. As a prolific and diverse painter, I prefer to work with various mediums from oils to watercolours and pastels to inks and different subjects. My paintings come from the heart,  while I take inspiration from everything that is going on around me. Some of my critics have likened my artwork to the Naif style. This was  recognised in the turn of the 19th-century for its youthful simplicity and uncomplicated nature that often led to a dreamlike quality. 

 I’m flattered to be compared to prominent artists of that time such as André Bauchant and Orneore Metelli.  But more importantly, I feel blessed to have the opportunity of using my art in Spain to bring love, happiness and appreciation into the lives of people who see my work.

While my artwork is constantly evolving, inspiration always comes from the places I visit, the environment I find myself in, and the way in which people interact in everyday situations.

What's Next?

I have been invited to Pakistan to paint and would love to go back to Argentina. Buenos Aries is so vibrant, like Barcelona in many ways only to the beat of the tango. 

It’s a question of watch this space to see which direction I head off in! 

Either way, I’ll let you know.

It would be great to catch up with you soon maybe at one of my exhibitions.